Friday, June 30, 2006

Meet Patty.

Patty O'Furniture.

Al fresco dining is now available at Sensational Acres!

I do have four chairs; they're just not all set up. And I'm going to take the umbrella down tonight because we're expecting t-storms. And I'm e-mailng from the tabletop right now.

It only took me about half an hour to put the table together, but finding this set was tougher than I thought. The Bloomington Target didn't have anything I could haul home in the Subarushi, so bought the plates and glasses and bowls on clearance and moved on. I went to the Super Target in Edina and found the furniture — and more of the same plates on clearance for $.70 more apiece. I did not add to my stock.

I'm ready for a picnic. Come on over!


Kim sum

It’s the Friday before my 4-day weekend, so you’re getting my mental dim sum here — Kim sum, if you will. And believe me, you will. ;-)

New podcast finds. Escape Pod, a weekly science fiction short story broadcast that accompanied me on my morning run today, and The Sound of Young America, a self-styled “radio show about things that are awesome.” Thanks to sci-fi podcast guru Cory Doctorow for the tips.

Glorious Fourth Weekend to-do list
  • buy beer
  • drink beer intermittently
  • purchase cheap-ass patio furniture for the coming invasion
  • take cats to vet
  • fetch jacket from cleaners
  • go to Saturday classes
  • cry off Monday classes
  • sleep in
  • read like crazy
  • laze in hammock
  • use $25 Darth Mall gift card to attend 3 or 4 matinees, including Superman Returns

Quote of the day. It's the folks who AREN'T legit who feel the need to defend themselves to the last breath. — Miss Snark, the literary agent, on her blog today.

Query of the day. In a public/office restroom, do you chat with your girlfriends while you’re doing your business, or should that wait until you meet again at the sink?

Thursday, June 29, 2006

this old thing

Query du jour:
Why is it so hard for women to accept compliments gracefully?


HER: Nice dress!

YOU/ME: What, this old thing?


HER: You look great.

YOU/ME: No I don't! I look like a big fat zitty cow.


HIM: Your hair is lovely tonight.

YOU/ME: Oh, so it wasn't lovely last night?

Cripes, would it kill us to just smile and say thank you?

When I was growing up in a small midwestern town, the answer was yes, it might kill you, socially, to say thank you. Stop me if you've heard this one before:

HER: You look nice.

YOU/ME: Thank you.

HER: Oh, well, look who thinks she's so hot! Hmph!! A little full of yourself, aren't you?

Yep. Gracious acceptance of a verbal gift is, apparently, not the way to win friends and influence people.

Of course, the reverse was also true. I tried the "No, really, I look terrible" line a few times, only to be met with "Fish for compliments much?" You just can't win.

I have my theories on this, but I'd like to hear other people's. Why is it so hard for women to accept compliments gracefully?

Monday, June 26, 2006

I'm going pantaloony

Why do women's clothes have to be so complicated? The pants I'm wearing today have no fewer than six (6) closures. Six! Half a dozen! Two hook-slides on the inside flap, three buttons on the outside, and a zipper up the middle.

What's the point? And don't tell me it's for looks, because my hanging-out shirttail covers the architecture.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

I say you say

I say LESS FILLING. You say _____.

I say PURPLE. You say _____.

I say AIR. You say _____.

I say SING. You say _____.

I say STAR. You say _____.

I say FUNKY. You say _____.

I say CAR. You say _____.

I say RUSH. You say _____.

I say JO(H)N. You say _____.

I say HORSE. You say _____.

OK, now you start.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

something rather cool

Dancer and performer Alex Martin made a simple brown dress and has worn it every day for nearly a year. She's making a statement against the fashion industry and consumerism in general. Details here.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

gimme 5

5 things in my fridge

  1. red pepper hummus
  2. diet Coke with Splenda (can’t do NutraSweet)
  3. pastrami
  4. 3 kinds of mustard
  5. stale rye bread

5 things in my closet

  1. brown suede jacket
  2. 3 pair capri pants
  3. favorite white Land’s End button-down shirt
  4. shapeless dress I never wear
  5. too many shoes

5 things in my handbag

  1. iPod
  2. Treo
  3. small notebook
  4. silver Sharpie
  5. combination compass/whistle/thermometer

5 things in my car

  1. audiobook I listened to last year but don’t remember how it came out
  2. stuffed fish on dashboard
  3. umbrella
  4. box of Kleenex in back window (family tradition)
  5. rifle case containing swords

5 things in my office

  1. 6 photos plus a photo-a-month calendar featuring the Cutest Niece Ever
  2. zebra duckie
  3. novelty book How to Be Popular based on advice from classic teen magazines
  4. cobalt blue teapot & mostly cobalt mug
  5. 2 Chinese lanterns