Saturday, May 24, 2008

a cat tale

I'm not saying my kitty Sprite is stupid, but last night she set her own tail on fire.

I was eating ice cream on the couch and set a dollop on the coffee table for her to enjoy. She was so intent on the treat she forgot to keep her tail moving, and it lingered a little too long over a burning candle. An inch-long section of tail was aflame for a good three seconds before I managed to put it out. She didn't even notice until I started grabbing at it.

Sprite wasn't hurt, just a bit singed. And the smell of fried fur — OY! I think she was more indignant about being spritzed with Febreeze than about actually catching fire. That's my girl.


Friday, May 16, 2008

Hey, bud

Know how sometimes someone says they'll call you at a certain time, and the call will be a certain length, so you don't start anything right beforehand because you have to be available for this important call? And then they don't call?

Yeah, I hate that. It happened this morning. But I guess I'm grateful I get back the hour I expected to spend on the phone.

Of course, now I'll have to reschedule this inconsiderate weasel again, because I still need the interview. If this wasn't the third or fourth time he'd blown me off, I might feel more generous toward him.

Anyhow ... I'm definitely grateful my crabapple tree is about to blossom. It's a couple weeks late this spring, but as you can see, it's just about ready to explode with color.


Friday, May 09, 2008

Best birthday cake (and decorator) ever!