Friday, June 30, 2006

Kim sum

It’s the Friday before my 4-day weekend, so you’re getting my mental dim sum here — Kim sum, if you will. And believe me, you will. ;-)

New podcast finds. Escape Pod, a weekly science fiction short story broadcast that accompanied me on my morning run today, and The Sound of Young America, a self-styled “radio show about things that are awesome.” Thanks to sci-fi podcast guru Cory Doctorow for the tips.

Glorious Fourth Weekend to-do list
  • buy beer
  • drink beer intermittently
  • purchase cheap-ass patio furniture for the coming invasion
  • take cats to vet
  • fetch jacket from cleaners
  • go to Saturday classes
  • cry off Monday classes
  • sleep in
  • read like crazy
  • laze in hammock
  • use $25 Darth Mall gift card to attend 3 or 4 matinees, including Superman Returns

Quote of the day. It's the folks who AREN'T legit who feel the need to defend themselves to the last breath. — Miss Snark, the literary agent, on her blog today.

Query of the day. In a public/office restroom, do you chat with your girlfriends while you’re doing your business, or should that wait until you meet again at the sink?


  • the most fulfilling time in my career to date was the power talk that happened in the women's restroom
    (the highest executive on the job was a woman, yah!). we were doing business, and the BOYS were excluded for once.

    i vote, business in the privy, all the way!

    your tai chi friend, l

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:40 PM  

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