Friday, June 30, 2006

Meet Patty.

Patty O'Furniture.

Al fresco dining is now available at Sensational Acres!

I do have four chairs; they're just not all set up. And I'm going to take the umbrella down tonight because we're expecting t-storms. And I'm e-mailng from the tabletop right now.

It only took me about half an hour to put the table together, but finding this set was tougher than I thought. The Bloomington Target didn't have anything I could haul home in the Subarushi, so bought the plates and glasses and bowls on clearance and moved on. I went to the Super Target in Edina and found the furniture — and more of the same plates on clearance for $.70 more apiece. I did not add to my stock.

I'm ready for a picnic. Come on over!



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