Saturday, August 09, 2008

What's the opposite of gold?

This afternoon I went to nbcolympics.com to try to watch the Olympic opening ceremonies online. But I'm not allowed to. Why? Because I don't have cable, evidently.

From what I can gather, NBC has partnered with numerous cable companies to provide online video. You have to subscribe to one of their partner services in order to access the video.

Uh, one of the main reasons I'm trying to watch online is because I don't have cable.

Verdict: STUPID!! FOR THE WIN!!!!

So I went to plain old nbc.com and tried to download a track & field video. But I'm not allowed to. Why? Because my computer is not running Windows.

Verdict: STUPID!! FOR THE WIN!!!!

Stupid: 2
Kim: 0

I finally found a scrap of the opening ceremonies on YouTube — 3.5 whole minutes' worth.
So far these Olympics are not going well.



  • Hey Cuz... is your local NBC channel not covering the Olympics? I thought all local NBC stations were covering portions of it. That's a bummer if they're not.

    Hope all is well! How's Presto fitting in these days?


    By Anonymous Kacey, at 6:59 PM  

  • I use the following site when I am at work. You going to DCon this year?


    By Blogger Johnny, at 8:21 PM  

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