Tuesday, May 22, 2007

hot fuzz

One of the great pleasures of my current lifestyle is that I can dash off to a matinee on a weekday if I feel like it, so yesterday, I did. And one of the great pleasures of seeing a matinee, other than devouring a smuggled-in sandwich in the dark, is seeing a movie that is a complete delight.

Hot Fuzz is such a movie. It's sort of Lethal Weapon meets an Agatha Christie mystery, and it's just about the best thing I've seen all year. Buddy cop action (and inaction), a quaint English village, an ex-James Bond, a hedgehog, some spectacular gore — Hot Fuzz has it all. And be forewarned, no cliche escapes unscathed. All 8 people in the theater guffawed out loud numerous times.

Star Simon Pegg may just be my second-favorite British actor (after new 007 Daniel Craig). This movie was worth more than the price of admission — something I don't believe I've ever said before — and I will buy it as soon as it comes out on DVD. Can't wait for the extras.



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