Monday, November 06, 2006

The Prestige is the shiznit

The Prestige is the shiznit. How intricate and mind-blowing is it? Hugh Jackman’s bare torso is the least of the things that will make you go, “Ooh!” This movie has it all: twists, layers, deceptions, obsessions, and David freakin’ Bowie as Nikola Tesla. There are easily half a dozen mad geniuses in this story, and the ending — the ending! — well, it’s magic, and to give it away would be a crime.

The magic is almost incidental to this story; character is the heart of it. In fact, the secrets behind the key illusions are given away freely, carelessly, onscreen. They’re trifles dwarfed by the secrets of human hearts and minds.

I knew and worked with a magician at one time, and while he was quite the crowd pleaser, he was also as full of emotional sleights and disappearances as the magicians in the movie. That’s one of many things this film gets spot-on.

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  • Ah yes, The Prestige. I LOVED it! It was so unpredictable. I flipped out when I saw Bowie, it was incredible! And of course, I loved the fact that Andy Serkis (a.k.a. Gollum/Smeagol) was in it as well. Oh, and the fact that Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale were in it didn't hurt one bit either! ;) *swoon*

    By the way, I saw teh Rocka-P last weekend. Didn't get to schmooze much but did say "hi" to Scott and Jeffy boy.

    Hope you're doing well. ~aura

    By Blogger got a cappella?, at 4:38 PM  

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