Wednesday, October 22, 2008

strengths, weaknesses, cats

  1. My latest post, "Turn Your Weaknesses into Strengths," is up at LaidOff101.com. Have a look.
  2. During yesterday's session, Bob the God of Shiatsu asked me how I had injured my left shoulder. I told him I hadn't, but he maintained that I had because he could feel the results. Finally I asked if years of carrying heavy bookbags and purses could account for what he was noticing, and he said yes. So downsize your bags, y'all; the big ones really do do you harm.
  3. This morning Presto stretched up, hooked a delicate claw over the rim of my mug, and pulled a cup of hot chai down from the table onto himself. Nothing was injured but his pride, but he now smells faintly of exotic spices.

Back to work.



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