Tuesday, August 12, 2008

where the boys aren't

Last month, I decided to once again try my luck with online dating. I paid my fee and posted my profile. After a few e-mail exchanges with complete flaming idiots, I encountered a decent one. We traded messages, talked on the phone, and met for brunch on Sunday.

Then: a couple days' silence.

Today I sent him a message thanking him for a nice time and saying I'd like to meet again. But he does not think we are a match. kthxbai.

I can't say I'm surprised. To tell the truth, I did not feel any immediate chemistry either, but I was hoping to meet again and develop some.

I am not enthused about returning to the hunt. Maybe tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I just read a very interesting article on Salon.com. It's titled "Looking for the perfect stranger: How a single, successful New York writer ended up pursuing an arranged marriage in India" by Anita Jain. The title says it all. She makes some nasty cracks about desperate losers who resort to the Internet to find dates, but I'm not holding that against her. The article is an excerpt from her book, Marrying Anita: A Quest for Love in the New India. I ordered a copy.

Also: Presto is at the vet right now for his snip 'n chip procedure. I'll have him back late this afternoon.

The other males on my radar this morning are Olympic swimmers and gymnasts. Well done, gents. But why are your outfits exactly alike? When did swimmers stop wearing those fetching Speedos and start climbing into bodysuits?



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