Monday, August 11, 2008

well geez

I finally broke down and tuned in the Olympics on my local NBC station last night. It seemed to be running sports coverage and commercials in about a one-to-one ratio — which is why I wanted to find a different way to watch. Sheesh.

I think I'm bad luck for female gymnasts. Every time I looked up from my book, some tiny girl with a ponytail was stumbling out of bounds or falling off of something. Yowch! I did better with men's swimming; no one fell out of the pool while I was watching.

Today I went to teach my T'ai Chi class for government employees and only one student showed up. Well geez. Don't these people have calendars? The lone student cut me loose after half an hour, so home I came. That was not a good use of my time.

Presto goes to the vet tomorrow morning for his neutering surgery. That might slow him down for a couple days, but hopefully not much. I'll have to remember to put his food away at 8:00 tonight and not let him have any more before he goes in. He will not be happy.



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