Tuesday, April 22, 2008

super Tuesday

Today I'm grateful for a number of things, including:

  • the two clients who have referred me to their friends. One of these referrals has already resulted in a new project. Thanks, ladies!
  • my new T'ai Chi students at the government center, who all showed up for class with checks in hand. All of them. It's a miracle!
  • being done with the toughest magazine fact-checking task for another month
  • Sprite, for making sure I did not toil alone. Reaching around her bulk to get to my keyboard does slow me down a bit, which is a nice reminder to not be in such a rush. It's also a good reminder to run the lint brush over the couch before company comes.
  • the friends who are coming to visit tomorrow, because they motivated me to clean house today
  • Comet with Bleach and the Swiffer dusting wand, which made the job a little easier
  • the lovely breeze blowing the Comet smell out the windows
  • being able to pay my quarterly taxes on time
  • ice cream



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