Tuesday, January 15, 2008

the year of living deliciously

It's been one year and three days since I was laid off from my marketing job at the big HMO last January. And what a grand year it has been! Lady Luck and I have become BFF, and she's even sharing her favors with my laid-off friends — Nicole, Shauna, and Mary have all found new jobs, and Alex has kicked cancer's ass. Plus, Julie shed the shackles of corporate life, Sister-san and her family are digging Duluth, and Laura is moving to Paris. Meg is flourishing in San Fran. Warren is eating, playing, and purring. So my little corner of the world is pretty sunny.

Sunny, but cold. Here's where my only complaint comes in. This morning I waited for the bus in -3 weather. I only have to do that twice a week, but at this time a year, that's twice too many. If I can find a way around that little problem, I think I'll be all set.



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