Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Happy 2008, everybody. I'm back in the metro after a long, cold trek eastward from the Hills. The cats, who traveled with me, were very vocal in expressing their displeasure about spending so much time in the car, but otherwise OK. They're both crashed on the couch now, one at each end.

I made the trip in two parts this time to avoid driving on potentially snowy roads in the dark, which meant I had 7 hours to kill in a motel yesterday. I spent the time flipping amongst marathon showings of TV programs I normally never see because they're on cable and I'm not: My Super Sweet 16, America's Next Top Model, and Monk. I'd seen Monk before and like the title character, but the rest of the cast reeks of ham. I'd never watched the other two, though. 16 made me want to spank everyone involved, from the spoiled diva brats and their parents to the producers who glamorize their obscenely conspicuous consumption.

But I found ANTM strangely interesting (despite the size of Tyra Banks's forehead, which reminds me of certain aliens from the original Star Trek), and I'm not sure why. Most of the contestants weren't terribly interesting, and I didn't know enough about modeling or fashion to be hooked on the inside-the-industry aspects. The judges were bitchy, but not in interesting ways, and the drama contrived. You could glean the gist of any episode from a 3-minute highlight reel. So why did I watch it? I'm still trying to figure it out.

Meanwhile, I suppose I should be looking ahead into the new year and making grand predictions and resolutions. But I'm tired from the drive and too much of the turkey chili I carted away from Mother Media's house along with my other loot. So instead of looking forward, I offer this link that provides a look back: PlaidStallions.com, where the motto is "Mocking the 70s one catalog at a time." Today's featured item: Sesame Street slippers!



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