Thursday, December 06, 2007

so far, so good

It's been a good week so far because:

  • I got a new project this week.
  • I got a new client this week — pending approval of a sample project, which I'll make sure they love.
  • My friend Nicole, a fellow ex-HealthPartners employee, got a new job.
  • During Tuesday's snowstorm, it took me 3 hours to get home. That's 15 miles in 3 hours, which means an average speed of 5 mph. This is good only because it took some people 4 hours.
  • After the storm, on Wednesday morning, my snowblower started up on the first try. For a few hours, my driveway, sidewalks, and deck were mostly clear of snow.
  • I can touch my nose to my knees again. I still have to squash some belly to do it, but I can do it.
  • I can also wear some jeans that didn't fit a few months ago. This going-to-the-gym thing seems to be paying off.
  • During this chilly week, I've drunk several cups of Celestial Seasonings Gingerbread tea, acquired in Colorado in October, but there's still plenty left.
  • Some books I ordered have arrived. Yay books!
  • Warren, who could barely eat a few weeks ago, is pestering me for food.
  • Patient Sprite is half on my lap, purring, content.



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