Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Y? Because we like U

I joined a gym this past weekend — the local Y, to be exact. It’s been a dozen years and a couple dozen pounds since I belonged to a gym, so this will be a serious adjustment of habits. But it has to be done.

Back in the Day, I did my working out at the T’ai Chi studio, so there was no need for a separate gym membership. (I also couldn’t afford the monthly fee, so the question was moot.) But the aerobic-intensive classes have disappeared from the roster, out-of-class workouts have likewise faded away, and even Eclectsis has lost most of its cardio component. I used to jump rope on my own several days a week just to keep in shape for all those things, but as they went by the wayside, so did my motivation and my tolerance for jumping on a concrete floor.

Now, however, I find myself with a bigger bank balance than before, and also a bigger booty. Hence the Y.

I took my new membership for a test drive Sunday night by attending a kickboxing class. I knew it would be challenging, since I’m woefully out of shape, but I was still surprised at how it left me gassed and dripping. And that was just the warm-up! Oh, how I wish I were not exaggerating. But the gauntlet has been thrown. I will return . . . in a few weeks, when I get another free Sunday evening.

Anyway, I came home and treated my poor, weary self to a bubble bath. (Side note: I sure do love the Temptations Twisted Peppermint bubble bath I got for Christmas last year. I wouldn’t mind receiving some more.) I’m less sore than I expected, but more than I ought to be, considering how much of the workout I didn’t actually do.

I loosened some of the kinks by returning Monday morning to bond with the elliptical trainer. I’m planning to visit the cardio machines and the swimming pool a few days a week, and once I’m in the groove with that, I’ll add some light weight training as well. My goal is to look better in this year’s holiday photos than I do in last year’s. I know I’ll feel better knowing I’m doing something good for myself. But it’s hard!

Sidebar: Dressing for success

For my first trip to the Y, I wore the t-shirt I got at Dragon*Con this year. It’s white with black lettering that looks like the Star Wars logo, but the words say “Stop Wars” instead. Two different women commented favorably on the sentiment in the locker room, one as I was arriving and one as I was leaving. That was nice.



  • You go, girl! I did kickboxing for a couple months over the summer, until they switched instructors. The new instructor is all about complicated choreography, as if this is a Broadway production or something. So I stopped going. But while it lasted, I loved kicking the air's ass, and I'm sure you will, too! (It's especially fun picturing someone you'd like to punch and/or sidekick while working out...)

    By Blogger ethelred, at 9:49 AM  

  • You, Fawn, kettlebells.

    By Blogger Aaron Friday, at 10:32 PM  

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