Sunday, October 21, 2007

Rockin' the Rockies

I spent last weekend in Colorado, first with Lisa & Kevin in Denver, then with Jerry & Susan in Berthoud. As usual, I pretty much ate my way through the local attractions.

Highlights of the Denver portion of the trip:

  • Fondue dinner
  • Rockapella concert
  • My introduction to Ace of Cakes, possibly the best show on TV
  • Wandering through a corn maze, followed by the hottest, freshest kettlecorn of all time
  • Italian dinner with portions the size of Mt. Etna
  • Sunday brunch complete with Ultimate Margaritas. Lisa had hoped to run the half-marathon of the Denver Marathon that day, but the weather was too in hospitable, so we opted for church and brunch with friends instead. When that restaurant says it serves the ultimate margarita, believe it!

Then we met Jerry on the side of the road, and I headed to Berthoud for continued fun. Once I'd emptied the mini-bar in the sumtuous guest wing of the Double W estate, we:

  • toured the Celestial Seasonings factory, where I loaded up on tea. Watch out for the mint room!
  • strolled through an outdoor sculpture park on a perfect fall day
  • experienced a Blizzard
  • did a little wine tasting
  • prowled a surprisingly large used book store
  • hiked around the lake behind the estate — until we heard hunters in the woods
  • learned far more than we wanted to about a waitress's bad airline experience

I had a fantastic time, and thanks to technology, didn't even fall behind in my work. I did, however, inspire the Colorado Rockies to win their division and head for the World Series for the first time.

Click the image to see photos:

Colorado, Oct. 2007



  • I couldn't agree more with you about Dumbledore. It reeks of a publicity stunt.

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  • Oh, by the way, the above comment is from Grassmaster A. For some reason I'm not being allowed to sign in.

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