Tuesday, October 09, 2007

a muse?

Amusing me today:
  • a colleague known for her gloom-n-doom personality being referred to as the Dementor behind her back
  • "vajayjay" as a euphemism for a woman's va-you know

Bemusing me today:
  • Tomorrow I'll teach a sample T'ai Chi class at the company that laid me off in January.
  • Coworkers at the U have asked me to lead a class on campus.
  • I'm teaching a bunch of T'ai Chi all of a sudden, when my plan was to cut back this fall. What's up with that?

Demusing me today:
  • drivers who don't signal their turns. Again.
  • potential buyers of an item I listed on Craigslist who say they're definitely interested, then don't call back, and don't respond when I contact them about it



  • "drivers who don't signal their turns. Again."

    I'm with you on that. Incredibly annoying.

    By Anonymous Aura, at 10:20 PM  

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