Thursday, October 11, 2007

laundry list

Come clean about your laundry habits

  1. Are your t-shirts folded in a drawer or hanging in a closet?
  2. Do you roll your socks or fold them together? Do you make each pair an exact match? Or, like Steven Wright, do you mate them by thickness?
  3. Do you fold your undies or just cram them into a drawer?
  4. Do you iron? If yes, which items? Do you ever iron jeans? Why?
  5. Do you add fabric softener (a) by pouring liquid into a wash cycle, (b) by tossing a sheet into the dryer, or (c) not at all?



  • t-shirts: drawer or stacked on top of the dresser
    socks: folded, sometimes but not always the Wright way, depending on supply
    undies: folded, but they get totally rumpled eventually, so why do I bother?
    iron: shirts on an as-needed basis; jeans only when they've sat in the dryer for a week and become nastily creased (so: usually)
    fabric softener: sheets!

    By Blogger brownknows99, at 8:36 AM  

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