Tuesday, August 07, 2007

word up

Person: Aaron-san, author of this hilarious response to the ridiculous job application questionnaire I posted the other day. Take a few minutes to read it. It will make your day.

Place: New workspace. My department at the U moved to the St. Paul campus yesterday. We went from proper offices with walls and windows to a semi-subterranean cube farm. That giant sucking sound? My soul, fleeing.

Thing: Treo. I think it’s had a minor stroke; parts of the touchscreen seem to be numb, and the display is sometimes fuzzy. I’ve been holding off buying an iPhone, but I may have to purchase one soon.

Action: Read. A stack of various flavors of mystery novels awaits my attention. Should I start with the dark one, the funny one, or the crazy one?

State of being: Am. I’m not doing terribly much at the moment other than thinking about things; I simply am.

Under: In a few minutes, we’ll walk through the tunnel under the street to a campus coffee shop for a meeting. I love the tunnel system at the U, even if I get hopelessly lost trying to use it.

Near: I’m near enough to my cube neighbors now that I can hear them talking on the phone. About me. That’s a perk I could do without.

Behind: When I get home tonight, I’ll scratch my cats behind their ears and enjoy their simple, honest purrs.



  • Nice! Cube neighbors talking about you within earshot. That's classy.

    Your link is broken, BTW. I changed the title. Sorry, won't do it again.

    By Blogger Aaron Friday, at 7:07 PM  

  • Welcome to the wonderful world of cube farms! I've got a whole list of cube farm etiquette that I have to send to you!!!

    ~ Cuz Kacey

    By Blogger K7, at 9:18 PM  

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