Thursday, July 12, 2007

my my my

My family
Been busy. Reunion followed by guests in my home. But it’s all gone quiet now.

The guests were Sister-san, CNE, and (Grand)Mother Media. CNE was a delightful playmate who wore her poor old auntie out running around the park, the yard, and the house. She now has better communication skills than 30% of the adults I know. Plus, she happily eats all her bloccori and her hair is long enough for a ponytail now. My wee CNE is really growing up.

She’s beginning to like longer bedtime stories, too, so I’m thinking of starting her on the Harry Potter books next month. Yes? Or should we stick with Dr. Seuss a while longer?

My kung fu
I had to deliver a kung fu smackdown earlier this week. Not the pretty, floaty kind where I wait serenely for my opponent to wear himself out, either. It was the sort of thing where I had to take a stance, root myself, and shut down the bullshit attack coming from Sela. I had to battle my way through the lower ranks to get to the operations manager, and by then I was ready to get really stern.

LTS, I spoke extremely firmly and insistently, but not bitchily, to the operations manager and eventually got what I wanted — i.e., for the company to do what they said they’d do when they said they’d do it. Goody for me.


Is any one else as jaw-droppingly amazed as I am at how defensive and pissy people — even people whose role is customer service — get when you suggest they keep their word and treat others with respect? Unbelievable. And unacceptable. I do not tolerate that kind of diaper-fill from people I’m paying to do a job.

So I got the project back on track, but the cost in angst and time spent babysitting those wankstains (not the work crews; the administrative weasels), when I could have been babysitting someone young enough to actually need it, was much too high. I will never, ever hire Sela again, and you shouldn’t, either.

My travels
I’m definitely going to Dragon*Con in Atlanta in September. Must make travel arrangements. Calling my dear friend and host MrP tonight.

I’m definitely going to see Rockapella in Denver in October. I had good fun with my best friend from high school during the reunion last week, and since she lives in Denver, I invited myself to her house and invited her and her husband to the show. Must contact uncle who lives near Denver and arrange side visit, then book tix.

I’m allegedly hosting friends for an SSQ concert, also in October. Must make guest list, acquire tix, decide where to buy dessert, etc.

My colleague
During staff meetings, a colleague doodles elaborate, densely furnished rooms with open doors and windows. What do you suppose that means?

My conclusion
OK, that about covers it. On with the show.



  • Glad to hear your coming to DCon again, maybe I will run into you in a line someplace. And remind me never to cross you, my Kung Fu defenses are rather rusty!

    By Blogger Johnny, at 8:53 PM  

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