Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Potter and the Order of Fries With That, I wish

I went to the latest Harry Potter movie at noon, just because I could. It didn't do much for me. Truth? It was a struggle to sit through despite my empty bladder.

It's been too long since I read the book, I guess, so I was not able to mentally fill in all the stuff that got left out of the screen version — and even with my feeble memory, that seemed to be quite a lot. Even at 2.25 hours, the movie seemed rushed. No lingering explanatory scenes, no sir! No explanation for the sudden but silent appearances of Ginny Weasley! Leave those loose ends dangling! Chop chop! Churn this thing out before Radcliffe’s beard gets any heavier! It was like a very long after-school special disguised as a goth music video. And I flaming hate music videos. And ASSes.

This does not diminish my love for the HP stories, of course. I’ll be buying my copy of The Hallowed Book later in the week.

And speaking of familiars . . .

The cats have spent the day at the vet for their semi-annual exam. They were so agitated that they had to be sedated for the entire event, which means I can't pick them up until 4:30 and they'll still be groggy then. So I'll skip classes to stay home with them — because last time they came home groggy, when I locked them in the office for their own protection, they set off the security alarm, causing the security company to call my mother and scare her half to death. Trying to avoid that this time.

All right, time for me to turn on the air conditioner and cut some of this humidity. For once it’s not just my own hot air gooeying the place up.



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