Tuesday, June 26, 2007

potluck or rodeo?

One great thing about today: It’s the day after Mother Media’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom!!

Another: Free hot dogs, chips, cookies, and freezypops on campus. We missed out on the free t-shirts, but we did kill an extra-long lunch hour.

Another: If all is going as planned, there’s a crew painting my garage right now. Guys came to scrape yesterday, and they hoped to complete priming and painting today. Yay!

Another: This fantastic Rube Goldberg machine! Watch the video and gape away. Link.

Inane ramblings

I went to the Back to the ’50s car show with my aunt & uncle over the weekend. It was fun and interesting, but the few hours I spent there caused major sensory overload. I took about 75 pictures, some interesting, some less so. I quickly gave up trying to choose cool cars to photograph — too many! — and soon also gave up trying to narrow it to cool blue cars. Oy! The copious cool blueness! I ended up with a bunch of shots of funky hood ornaments, grilles, and the like. Not bad, if I do say so myself, since I couldn’t see what was in my viewfinder in the bright daylight.

I was thinking of posting them on a Picasa album, but to make space, I’d have to delete an existing album or two — or pay for premium service, which ain’t gonna happen. Jury’s still out on the deleting. Meanwhile, I made a quick little flyer of recap and a few snaps for the rest of the family and enclosed it with a CD containing all my photos. The clan digs stuff like that, so it’s easy to make people happy.

iPhones come out on Friday. I will gaze longingly toward the Apple store, but I will stand strong and refrain from purchasing. I’m planning to give it a few months, pay attention to user reviews, set aside some money, etc. You know, do the prudent consumer thing.

For the class reunion, I’m thinking of buying 10 lbs. of M&Ms in the school colors @ $13.80/lb. Is this stupid? I suspect so. But it will probably be my sole contribution to the festivities, other than some hummus for the potluck — which I may mostly miss to attend the rodeo. Yeah, those are my choices: potluck or rodeo. Which would you choose?

On Sunday, I went shopping. Although I ended up somewhat disappointed with Sarah Jessica Parker’s new Bitten collection, I did find a couple inexpensive shirts suitable for summer wear AND a pair of sunglasses I like, which were worth the trip by themselves.

I sincerely appreciate that SJP is bringing “fashion” to the masses at low low prices, but I feel compelled to issue this news flash: some adult women are taller/wider than SJP and would appreciate seeing the clothes scaled accordingly. There’s nothing wrong with creating a collection for the petite frame, but we average-size cheapskates would like to play, too. More, please.

On my way out, I also stumbled across a sale at Ann Taylor Loft and found some nice t-shirts and crop pants, and a swell hoodie, for prices I could actually afford. Snapped ‘em up right quick, I did, with the reunion in mind. It’s great to finally be able to buy the casual stuff I’ve always liked but regretfully passed over as not dressy enough for the office. Now: no office most days, and the dress code on campus is more relaxed than in the corporate Borg cube. This is further proof that I am God’s favorite.

Over the weekend, Lucia, an ex-colleague from the Borg cube called to find out more about what I’m doing so she can recommend my services to her network. That was a really, really nice thing for her to do.

Interesting thing: Now that I do work I love and have gotten some practice promoting myself, I must sound confident and energized in a way I never have before. When I describe what I do, people say, “Wow! You sound so sure about that!” Lucia remarked on it, and a couple recruiters and prospective clients have, too. I’ve always had a job title at the ready for past queries, but apparently not the visible enthusiasm, even when I tried. It makes an impression.

And . . . I’m hungry again.



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