Thursday, June 14, 2007

penned in

Ever watch a movie for the lead actor rather than for the plot, and end up still liking him even if he’s in a complete crapper of a film? I did that last night. The actor is Kal Penn. The movie is unimportant.

I was outside yesterday from about 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., and it was heavenly. I worked for a couple hours apiece on various projects, read for a couple hours, took a walk, played with the cats, watched that movie, and ate three meals, all outdoors. Sitting in the shade, with just a touch of sprinkler spray splashing my neck, watching a brilliant cardinal shimmy with delight in the water, I could barely believe the day qualified as productive. But it did.

Tonight there’s a cocktail hour in honor of my ex-manager Matt, the one who laid me off from the HMO and was just laid off himself last week. I’m curious to see how Matt will react to me, and whether he’ll be spilling any beans about our former workplace. I suspect he won’t, even in his cups; he’s a professional and knows how to be discrete (unlike those of us who blab our woes to the entire blogosphere). But I’ll ply him with liquor and a friendly ear anyway.

When I get home, there will be more magazine pages awaiting my perusal. Most of them are in the layout stage now, which means I’m seeing them for the second time and can trust that the contents are accurate. I can concentrate on graphic issues.

But I still have a few first-stage stories to read, too. Those take longer because I have to verify everything, from the spelling of names to the accuracy of URLs. If a story talks about Suchandsuch Inn rather than Hotel, or Mo’Nique rather than Monique, I’m the one who makes sure we get it right. Thank god for the ‘Net. I don’t know how fact checkers stayed sane in the olden days.

Know what I think is fantastic? Receiving a B&N gift card so big that I was able to replace nearly all my long-lost XTC albums in one swell foop. Thanks, Mom.



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