Friday, June 29, 2007


Great things about today

  1. The weather is so beautiful, I actually teared up a little when I came out onto the deck to work this morning.
  2. I don’t have much work to do. With the exception of a couple small projects, I’m essentially on vacation until July 10.
  3. This morning it occurred to me to try forwarding calls meant for my home phone number to my cell phone. It seems to work. Somebody call my home number and test it, would you? Thanks.
  4. Pizza and ice cream sandwiches for breakfast. I don’t mean pizza-and-ice-cream sandwiches; I mean ice cream sandwiches for dessert after pizza. Pepperoni & pineapple; chocolate & peanut butter. You sort ‘em out.
  5. An unexpected voice message (via the ‘net, yet) from MrP about DragonCon. Should I go? And should I look up my new friends at upscale magazine if I do?

Today I’ll start packing for the westward trek (leaving Sunday). I’ve decided to take the cats with me rather than leave them cooped up in the house alone for a week. Instead, I’ll coop them up in Mother Media’s house. It’s much bigger, and I’ll be able to give them some attention.

I need to buy ice for the cooler and batteries for the camera. I’ll probably pack more electronics and cables than clothing.

Apparently I was mistaken about the capacity of my Picasa photo album. Check out the Back to the ’50s car show — click the image to go to the album. Uncle Kenny, feel free to supply accurate captions.

Geek bonus: You can now subscribe to my Picasa gallery's RSS feed.

Back to the 50s Car Show 6/22/07



  • Yoda says: "Expect you to respond favorably, I do..."

    See you at the *Con!

    By Blogger Parker, at 2:39 PM  

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