Friday, June 15, 2007


I spent several hours toiling away in my home office today. It was interesting, lucrative work for my highest-paying client, but I still found myself getting unreasonably grumpy around 2:00. Why?

Oh yeah: because I was indoors on a fine day.

Often I can bring my work outside, but today’s tasks required an unusual amount of printing, faxing, and scanning. The fax on the receiving end wasn’t receiving what I sent, so I ended up having to scan marked-up pages and e-mail the images back. This doubled my work time (and my billable hours, let’s not forget), which also doubled my indoor time. Hence, grumpy.

But the client is in the Eastern Time zone, two hours ahead of me, so when they knocked off around 6:45, it was only 4:45 for me. Huzzah! To the deck!

I had expected to spend more time indoors cleaning house for company this afternoon/evening, but alas, I won’t be having guests after all. Sister-san called just as I was wrapping up work to tell me that J-bird had a temperature and wasn’t really in traveling shape. It’s hard to say which of the three of us was most disappointed. I, at least, have a fresh raspberry coffee cake to console me — but no one to share it with.

Last night’s happy hour was fun. It was nice to see old friends and new, and to commiserate with Matt. He’s going to spend the summer enjoying time with his family and not rush to sort out his next work venture. Sounds like a good plan.

Oh, and I liked the way he introduced me to his wife: “Honey, this is Kim. I fired her.” Yeah, we go way back.

Well, my desk is officially closed and my feet are officially up. I’ll do some more work tomorrow, but the rest of today? Nope.



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