Wednesday, May 30, 2007

key change

Not much time for blogging lately, it seems. Lots to do, lots to do — and more to come, if the seeds I generated yesterday bear fruit.

Now, if the people I’ve already done work for would just pay up . . .

Truly excellent news on the job front: After months of patience and persistence, Sister-san has landed a terrific new gig! WOO! I don’t want to give too much away, so let’s just say the number of U of MN employees in the family has doubled. After an initial interview last week, they invited her back to meet the dean today, who offered her the job on the spot. Not bad, eh? It sounds like a true fit with her interests and abilities, which is nothing less than she deserves.

Now, if they could just finish selling their house in Phoenix . . .

On a sad note, it looks like the fifth member of Signature Sound Quartet, pianist Roy Webb, has left the group. Family concerns, blah blah blah. I wonder if the notoriously lousy pay southern gospel touring acts pull down was a factor at all. Webb will be tough to replace, being both an excellent musician and a mildly funny comic foil to the lead singer. (Actually, based on what little I’ve seen, Roy passes for hilarious in that genre. So sad.)

Now, if a certain other sg group would spit out that a cappella album I’ve been hearing about . . .

On a high note, I’m collecting estimates for the reroofing of Sensational Acres. I haven’t had any disasters yet, and I don’t want to, so I’m being proactive about it. Today’s first estimator quoted me a lower figure than I’d been expecting to hear — one I can actually afford. This might actually be doable! But I’ll see what the other three have to say before I schedule any work.

Now, about those outstanding paychecks . . .

On a geek note, I learned yesterday that I could run all my RSS feeds through Google Reader, thereby putting even more of my eggs in the Google basket. Nothing against Bloglines, which has served me faithfully for years, but the Reader interface is prettier to look at and easier to use, I can add a Reader summary to my Google home page, and I found a notifier that actually works. Bloglines has a slick import/export feature, so I was able to export all my existing feeds to Reader without having to rebuild them.

Now, if Google would just come up with a to-do list tool . . .

This is what passes for excitement at my house.



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