Thursday, May 17, 2007

just a few

A few things


A few days ago I received a handful of Moxy Fruvous discs from a faraway blogfriend. Wish I could have seen them in concert, just once. Spicy! She’s getting a double handful of Rockapella in return. And don’t EVEN bust my chops for bootlegging; since I lost money on the deal (postage), I can hardly be accused of profiteering. Just bringing another fansheep into the fold.

On the small screen, Heroes just keeps getting better. I’m going to watch this week’s ep in about 20 minutes. Gotta make popcorn — and shut the windows so the neighbors don’t hear me yelling HOLY CRAP WHAT JUST HAPPENED?! I love Hiro. I totally do. He’s cute and funny and handy with a sword. That pretty much does it for me.


Yesterday I rode my trusty 21-speed steed Johndenver to the grocery store for fresh fruit, streamers flying. Felt great. Came back and did a heap of work and asked for more. Oh, and I did a load of laundry, too, in the middle of the day, because I had time. Now that’s livin’.

On Monday I spent some rare facetime on campus at the offices of Online U, one of my many contract jobs. I hadn’t been there an hour before the whole staff received an e-mail announcing that the president of the university had resigned, effective immediately, no reason given. The rest of the morning was given over to the official debriefing — the touchyfeeliest meeting I’ve attended since junior high church camp and no that’s not a compliment! — and speculation. But the afternoon was productive. Still: oy!

Update: A new president has already been named, so I guess the departing one’s departure wasn’t that sudden after all. Only the announcement was.

On a much larger campus nearby, the nice ladies at the U of M, my largest yet worst-paying client, want me to work more more more. Like, they’d like to have me on-site 32 hours a week, and they want me to apply for a full-time position that they hope to add in the fall because I’d have a “very good chance wink wink” of getting it. They’ve been hinting and I’ve been demurring for weeks now, but Tuesday was the straight-out conversation. I said no.

Did you hear that? I said no. And it felt oh so good.

No to full-time or near-full-time work. No to the prospect of benefits. Why? Because I don’t need it. The commute is too big a pain, the pay rate too low, and the fun factor too low for me to desire the position. So I turned them down. I said I could take on maybe 10 more hours a week IF I could do the work at home, but anything else . . . no. So we’ll see what they say to that.

Update: They said yes, more or less, so it looks like I’ll be picking up about another day’s worth of at-home hours per week. Plus, I’m being given some online courses of my own to update and stuff. I am on my way to becoming a course developer.

Is it time to stop dredging the ‘Net for more freelance projects?


Remember that classic psych experiment that showed how rats will exhaust themselves pressing a lever if they’re rewarded on a random basis because they think the next try might just be a winner? www.icanhascheezburger.com is like that. Most of the entries are meh, but the occasional knee-slapper keeps me coming back.

On the big screen: remind me to see Hot Fuzz. Sounds dandy.

Getting blasted with the past

I’ve officially RSVPed in the affirmative for my 20th high school reunion. What should I take for my contribution to the potluck picnic? Besides booze? Seriously. Hummus?



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