Sunday, May 20, 2007

good company

Today was a spiffy day. I awoke to a cool, fresh morning, lounged a bit, and still managed to exhaust the Internet by 8:45. So I showered and grabbed a book — a paperback from Sister-san that fits neatly into my new purse along with my reading glasses — and took myself to Perkins for breakfast. I’ve found that 9:30 is about the latest you can show up and still beat the after-church crowd, and I just squeaked in. Biscuits and gravy and meat, oh my!

[And by the way: Thank you, Twin Cities, for smoke-free restaurants. I remember the bad old days of having to wade through the cancer section to get to the “nonsmoking” section, which was usually tarry from secondhand clouds anyway. It’s not as if I ever went to Perkins for health food, but at least now I get to choose my poison rather than being forced to inhale someone else’s excrement. (Yes, excrement. The lungs are part of the excretory system. Look it up.) So again, thank you.]

Anyway. I came home and did some proofreading, cleaned the kitchen and bathroom with Grey’s Anatomy playing in the background, then finished the proofreading. Then I started my own company.

Although I’ve had the forms for weeks, today I finally filled out and mailed in my Articles of Organization (which means that as far as the Secretary of State is concerned, I’m organized) and my Certificate of Assumed Name (I assumed I’d use my own name). When the checks are cashed and the registration officialized, I will be the proud sole proprietor of Kimberly Husband, LLC. Hooray for me! Just in time to file self-employment taxes. Or maybe not, if it’s an LLC. I’ve got a call in to my tax advisor.

On the bright side: I have a company credit card. Can I use it to pay my taxes?

Seriously, though, I’m proud of owning my own business, even if it is just a wee mom-and-pop shop without the pop or the shop — and come to think of it, I’m not a mom, either. But my mom and pop managed to create a very fine life for our family with their shop, so I have an excellent model to follow.

I’d carry on about that at some length, but evening birds are twittering outside, and I can smell my late-blooming lilac on the breeze. I need to go out and inhale. Great things await.



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