Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Partial Employment Chronicles, Chapter 21

I got another job! I've been offered the position of copy editor for a magazine based in Atlanta. I'll work from home. They publish nine issues a year and pay handsomely. This is exactly the kind of gap-filling gig I was looking for. We'll have a two-issue trial period, and if all goes well, the job is mine permanently.

Hooray! Ice cream for supper tonight! (I finally located a grocery store that carries Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream yesterday, but it was sold out. GRR!)

Also, the editor of the magazine I used to work for here in town called yesterday to ask me to bid on a rush project. I did, and she'll tell me this afternoon whether I get the job. That would be nice, too.

I've also spent some time recently updating my resume and website as we discussed, and I downloaded some business license-related forms that I need to fill out and send in. And I've posted a reminder for myself to get back to networking — although I'm not sure I'll have time. ;-)

Ask me about my magic bracelet!



  • So, tell me about your magic bracelet! I want to see it on Monday, okay?

    By Anonymous rev. nicole, at 9:18 AM  

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