Tuesday, April 24, 2007

the car is not a bunny

Above: My little Sherlock looking through the giant magnifying glass at the Depot children's museum, with a little help from her Grandmother Media.

"Da car not a bunny."

That's what CNE told me on the way back from dinner on Sunday. And you know what? She's absolutely right.

Other important information:

  • I just now figured out how to use browser tabs in Safari. Cool!
  • Now I need to find a "stun" setting for the magic prosperity bracelet. It's working a little too well, and I am nearly swamped with work. This is a great problem to have.
  • Think good thoughts for my friend Alex, won't you? I just learned that she's fighting colon cancer. That is not a great problem to have.

All right, playtime is over. I have magazine pages to download and mark up yet tonight, and a brand new episode of Heroes to watch.



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