Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Unemployment Chronicles, Chapter 16

Today marks the end of the Unemployment Chronicles and the beginning of the Partial Employment Chronicles — because today, I landed a part-time job.


It's just 10 hours a week, for much lower pay than I would be able to accept for full-time work. But this is a gig I wanted, doing the kind of work I want, for an organization that seems pretty decent. Therefore, it is good.

I've also decided this is a sign that the kind of projects I want are beginning to come my way. Sure, I'm going to have to scramble for a while. Getting a new business off the ground isn't going to be easy. But the success has begun.

I promised myself a reward for getting an offer, so now I have to decide between ordering a new CD and ordering a pizza. Considering the blizzard raging outside, I think the CD will arrive sooner.



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