Friday, February 09, 2007

The Unemployment Chronicles, Chapter 9

It's been another busier-than-expected week of projects, client calls, and interviews. Highlights:

  • Finished and sent the big proofreading project. And the invoice, of course.
  • Had a client meeting wherein I took on my first web updating duties. I actually think I can do this.
  • Did an editing sample for an interview, had a very positive meeting with the people, did a bit more sample stuff for them. They've been calling my references, all of whom say it sounds like they really, really like me. I'm hopeful about this one! It's part-time online editing, which would be a nice, steady thing to do for a while and would still leave me room to maneuver. And the guy who interviewed me looked exactly like Christopher Guest.
  • One of said references may also have some work for me in the near future.
  • Next Friday I have an interview for a full-time thing that could turn out to be pretty cool, but I need to remember which job it is (I've applied for scads!) before I say that for sure.
  • Wednesday's lead via a friend of a friend paid off a little, and could amount to more. I called the person suggested to me, who was looking for a freelance editor (that's me!) but had not yet posted the position publicly. She liked the sound of my credentials and asked for a resume to send to HR. I don't know what their timeline is for making that hire, so I'll have to chill out and wait.

In other job-related news, two things:

  1. Chef Jeff has accepted a job in Duluth, so he and Sister-san and CNE will be moving back to MN and will be just a couple hours' drive away from me. YAY!! I know it'll be a huge undertaking to move the family cross-country, especially if Jeff has to come ahead and start work before the AZ house is sold or whatever. And Sister-san hasn't sorted out her work situation yet (although I doubt it will take her long). But speaking selfishly, I'll be glad to have them nearer. And I might just be free to help with the move.
  2. A good friend of mine was laid off by my ex-employer this week. Shee-it! What IS it with that department? My friend and I are getting together this weekend to compare lemons — and lemonade recipes. I gave her a card that said, "Tina was so tough, her poodle skirt had a pit bull on it. . . . Just remember, you're tougher." Damn straight.

So if you need help writing/editing stuff, making a marketing plan, designing graphics, or promoting events, let me know. I have exactly the people you need.



  • I wish I knew what is going on in "that department" since I am still in it (for now...).

    By Anonymous Rev. Nicole, at 10:39 AM  

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