Sunday, February 04, 2007

hope it's not the year of the boor

We did our big Chinese New Year hoo-ha at the T'ai Chi studio last night. As demonstrations go, I'd say it was one of our best. No one forgot their moves, screwed them up, or pulled a muscle mid-routine. Whew! Although I had a better view of the proceedings than usual, I didn't take any pictures. Sorry.

The smoothness of the demonstrations was especially nice because it was Sifu Ray's 30th anniversary of studying T'ai Chi, the point at which one can be considered a master. There was a bunch of sentimental speechifying both by and about Sifu Ray, which caused the program to last until 9:15. It had started at 6:00 — OK, 6:15 — and the room was very hot and muggy (in contrast to the subzero temperatures outside), so we were all sweaty by the end. But it was worthwhile to see proper tribute paid. To my immense shock, the speakers didn't have to compete with much of the kids-running-screeching noise that normally plagues these events.

The altar ceremony took another 45 minutes. Tradition says that if you start a new year by receiving food and money, you'll have good fortune that year. I got drafted to hand out lucky oranges to everyone who went through the line, while another guy handed out lucky red envelopes containing a dollar. I wouldn't have minded this duty if I hadn't been bathed in incense smoke for 45 minutes. OY. My voice is still scratchy. But I did get to wish everyone happy new year. It's the Year of the Boar, or Pig. Squee!

I also helped clean up, so I didn't get to the banquet until about 10:45. I hit the bar for a Heiniken at 10:46. I ended up at a peripheral table with Dan and Betty, whom I don't get to visit with much, so that was nice. Plus, I was away from the table hobnobbing when the bill came, so sweet, generous Dan paid for my dinner. Food and money! Surely this bodes well for my coming year.

I left around midnight after saying good night to a happily tipsy Sifu Ray, who was making good use of the gifts of Scotch he'd received. It was nice to see him enjoying his evening. And then on my way out, I found Todd's cell phone and Pat's scarf, which I was able to return before they left. What IS it with me finding things, anyway?

So happy Year of the Boar, everybody. May yours be warm and fuzzy and filled with good fortune.



  • And a warm and fuzzy Year of the Boar to you too!!

    By Anonymous Rev. Nicole, at 7:57 AM  

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