Wednesday, February 21, 2007

home suite

This morning I'm chillin' in a Duluth hotel room while Sister-san and Chef Jeff check out a couple daycare facilities. They'll pick me up before checkout time. Then we'll go see a couple more. And then it's back to the Twin Cities so they can catch their plane home.

At some point, we will eat at Taco John's. They don't have TJ's in Phoenix, just that authentic Mexican food, and people who have grown up on TJ's can start missing it after a while.

Yesterday we saw at least 10 houses, and we did 5 or 6 the day before. There were several nice ones and a few not-so-nice ones. We started giving them names in order to differentiate them in our minds. On the good list: 2006 House, Handicap House, Old Lady House, the Mansion, and Dodge Street House. On the not-so list: Stinky House, Barf Shag Carpet on the Wall House.

No offers have been made yet, but they're aiming to decide something soon.

OK, gotta go. I might post a couple photos later tonight.



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