Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Unemployment Chronicles, Chapter 5

Today I checked my profile on the state's unemployment website. All forms have apparently been filled out to the state's satisfaction, so I'm clear to make my first request for payment of benefits on Monday. My benefits should run for about six months, provided I'm actively looking for work each week I request a payment. And I certainly am doing that.

I signed up for direct deposit. What the heck. While the benefit payments won't be quite as much as my most recent salary, they will certainly keep the mortgage paid, the cats fed, and the T'ai Chi dues paid up. I'm still eating Christmas leftovers, so groceries are not a concern. Nor will they be. As long as I don't blow all my benefits on lottery tickets, everything will be just fine.

Today I had lunch with a couple friends from the office. They were amused to be amusing one another, so it was nice to be around their laughter. However, I had to ask the waiter three times to bring me a glass of water. That's the worst thing that's happened to me all week!

Earlier in the week, I invested in a new printer that will work with my iBook. It's a sweet little machine that scans and photocopies, too. Now I can print maps to all my appointments and resumes to take along.

This afternoon I head north to visit a client who is going to help me learn to use Dreamweaver, the website creation program, in exchange for some editing and marketing assistance. Since her materials already look pretty good, I'm definitely getting the better end of this deal.

Then it's back to the Midway for a T'ai Chi lesson followed by a regular class. Sifu is going to be tired of me by the end of the evening, but at least I'll be a little smarter. Maybe.

After class, I'll watch another episode of the short-lived 2004 TV series Wonderfalls. It's about an overeducated, underemployed young woman (philosophy degree/retail job) who gets jolted out of her rut when inanimate objects start talking to her. It's a little like Medium as regards the cryptic nature of the communications, but younger, funnier, and set in the town of Niagara Falls. I like it.



  • Watch out for the magnetic Band-Aids... oops... excuse me!!!

    By Blogger MrsThompson, at 3:26 PM  

  • Good luck on the job front, you certainly don't deserve all this frustration.

    Here is a good site for Dreamweaver tutorials if your interested. I have been long distance training/helping a friend and she liked these:

    By Blogger JohnnyNVA, at 9:35 AM  

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