Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Unemployment Chronicles, Chapter 3

My schedule for this week so far — and keep in mind it's not yet noon on Tuesday:

  • Meetings with recruiters: 1
  • Job interviews: 2, plus at least 1 to come when calls are returned
  • Networking lunches: 1
  • Client meetings: 1
  • Jobs applied for online so far this week: 5
  • Contacts with career counselors: 1, requesting an appointment
  • Inquiries made into buying individual health insurance: 1
  • Crises of faith regarding feasibility of freelancing: 1 . . . oops, make that 2.

I'd probably have more interviews set up for the week, but I didn't work at my search yesterday because I was just getting back from a fabulous weekend in New York. (Photos to come.) But I promised myself I wouldn't rush to grab the first job that offered solvency and medical coverage, so I'm going to be selective.

I have some work to do to prepare for that client meeting. And I need to buy a printer if I can squeeze in a trip to the mall. Gotta go. :-)



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