Monday, January 01, 2007

a new twist

It's my solemn duty to report that two more Peeps have met their maker. Wearing peanut butter toupees and Hershey's Kiss hats, they succumbed to the microwave around 11:30 this morning. A third Peep, possibly mourning the demise of his comrades, has gone missing and is feared devoured. They are survived by the one with holly on his head (A in yesterday's lineup) and the one with the green eyeglasses (C).

The Peep squad has been replaced in our hearts, minds, and stomachs by cinnamon twists, made from the classic recipe supplied by Mrs. Shoe. The twists are strips of pastry folded over a filling of brown sugar and butter, then twisted, baked, and topped with cinnamon icing. Like a Cinnabon, but longer, flatter, and homemade.

This was my first experience working with yeast outside a convenience store kitchen (I once had a night-shift job where it was time to make, or at least defrost, the donuts), so they didn't turn out quite perfect. For one thing, I sliced the strips too narrow, so I had to cut down the cooking time. For another, I forgot to cover them while the dough rose, so they dried out a tad. For another, I not all of them wanted to stay twisted. However, the flavor is fine, and generous amounts of icing cover a multitude of sins.

As you can see, my holidays have been, and continue to be, filled with the best sort of frivolity. Mother Media and I, when not in the kitchen, have been the movie queens. Since she arrived, we've seen:

  1. Talladega Nights — Will Ferrell in his underwear is always good for a laugh
  2. The Pursuit of Happyness — 0 surprises, but I predict at least 2 Oscar nominations, one for Will Smith and one for his son Jaden
  3. Christmas with the Kranks — Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis discover the true meaning of suburbia Christmas
  4. Night at the Museum — Ben Stiller and Robin Williams tone down their usual shtick for a pretty cool story that has put the Museum of Natural History on my must-see-in-NYC list
  5. The Princess Bride — A classic comedy/adventure/romance/fairy tale with a real live giant
  6. Waiting for Guffman — A troupe of small-time wannabes waits for a nod from that one important person whose notice will prove they're worth something
  7. Best in Show — The Guffman crew goes to the dogs

List to be amended as the week wears on. I have two more days off work and no plans to do anything more ambitious than cook, eat, and watch flicks.

Especially after shoveling my entire driveway by hand today. Our white Christmas finally arrived yesterday, a week late, while Mom and I were enjoying a fine Italian meal for New Year's Eve. We shoveled in the sunshine today and both had doffed our coats by the time we finished. That's the most exercise I've gotten since mid-December. Whew.

So far, 2007 gets high marks for family, food, and fun. Here's hoping the trend continues.

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