Tuesday, January 16, 2007

interesting times

I got some lousy news on Friday: My department at work is being restructured, and I'm not part of the new structure. I was laid off.


I'm not happy about it, obviously, but I have to believe bigger and better things are out there. I've had a couple good omens already. First, I got a hit on a resume I'd posted online in 2005. A recruiter for a staffing company has a gig for which I am the ideal candidate, and if we can reach an agreement about pay, we may have a winner. That could be dicey, though, since I'm asking for what I'm worth — and that's a lot.

Second, a friend invited me to a networking event this morning, and I came away with a small freelance job and a big smile. Thanks, Lisa! Maybe I should print up some business cards, just to be safe.

But the universe doesn't want me to get bored waiting for my big break. No no no! So last night I received proof that my alarm system works as it should.

Skipping to the end: everything is fine. No break-in. No theft. No threat to home, self, or pets. Only to poor Mother Media's sanity.

The alarming tale

As if getting laid off on Friday hadn't injected enough GAAAAAGH! into my life, when I got home from classes at 10:15 last night, my security alarm was bleeping madly. ALARM 21 OFFICE GLASS, it said. I rushed through the house looking for signs of an intruder. There were none.

So I freed the cats, who had been locked in my home office to sleep off the sedatives they'd received during their routine vet check-up earlier in the day. (They got glowing reports except for Sprite's prodigious waistline.) Glancing around the office, I knew immediately what had happened: an agitated Warren Peace had rattled the blinds enough to interfere with the sensor that detects problems with the window. My stupid cat activated the alarm.

Next stop: answering machine. One message from the security company, one from Mom. The calls came in around 5:00, and here it was after 10:00 when I picked them up. Crap. That's what happens when I turn off my cell phone at the T'ai Chi studio.

Anyway, the security company reported that when my alarm went off, they called the house to check on me, as per procedure. Getting no answer, they called my work number (note: must delete that one from the records) and my cell phone. Still getting no answer, they called my "in case of emergency" number, my poor sainted mother.

They also called the police, who reportedly came by, saw no trouble, and did nothing. I found no signs of a police visit.

Meanwhile, Mom called my home and cell numbers as well, and of course I did not answer. So she called my next-door neighbors. They, armed with Mr. Neighbor's handgun, did a thorough exterior inspection of the house, noted the cats locked in the office with the lights on, and correctly deduced that a cat had triggered the alarm. They called Mom back to put her mind at ease, for which I owe them an enormous debt of gratitude.

What with returning phone calls and trying to lure the cats out from under the bed, I didn't get to sleep until around midnight. And then I had to get up at 6:00 to go to that networking event. OY.

I feel bad for freaking out my mother, not to mention the cats and the neighbors. But it's nice to know the alarm system is earning its keep.

When the Chinese say "May you live in interesting times," it's not necessarily a blessing. Not immediately, anyway. Well, my times have gotten interesting. Stay tuned to see just how interesting.

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  • I've been waiting to see what you would post about Friday! I'm so glad that you got the resume hit and the quick gig.

    Poor kitty ears must be hurting so bad from the alarm being on for 5 hours!

    By Blogger Kim, at 8:58 PM  

  • If you would like to add an "in case of emergency" contact who lives in the same state as you, you can give your security company my contact info. (Dave and I are already the ICOE contacts for other friends too.)

    By Anonymous Rev. Nicole, at 8:02 AM  

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