Friday, December 15, 2006

wrap artist

Yesterday we had our holiday breakfast in the company cafeteria. A line of VPs greeted us at the entrance sporting festive sweaters and neckties — plus a couple sets of reindeer antlers, which looked especially interesting on solemn, bald Dr. T.

A brass quintet from a local high school set up next to the coffee machine, and we filed through buffet lines for scrambled eggs, sausage, taters, apple crisp, "french toast bake" (looked like bread pudding to me) with cherry or blueberry pie filling topping, and fruit. Very tasty. We could also get virgin mimosas in tiny plastic cups, which of course everyone did, and joked about jonesing for the real thing. It goes without saying that the decorations were carefully winter- rather than holiday-themed, which maybe as close as we get to having a white Christmas the way things are going.

After chow and chat, we were back at our desks by 9:00 and drifting into carb-stupors by 9:15. That is where I remain, both physically and mentally. It's 11:30 a.m. as I write, by which time I would usually be starved, but today I'm only mildly peckish. It's a small miracle.

The big miracle: I won a door prize! I NEVER win door prizes! I scored a Timberwolves cap — can I call a cap bearing a basketball team logo a baseball cap? — which I promptly regifted to a friend whose child loves the team.

I had hoped to get some gifts wrapped the last couple nights but never did. I've spent time shopping after work — for other people, not for myself, difficult as it was — getting engrossed in an editing project, going to class and watching TV on my laptop while solving sudoku and checking my e-mail. But I haven't wrapped gifts.

Tonight, however, is the night! Mainly because I have to wrap some for people I'll see tomorrow. Nothing like a deadline to get the ol' ball rolling.



  • That breakfast sounds scrumptious. At our office, we do a lunchtime Christmas party which includes employees' children getting their pictures taken with Santa and being given a gift (usually a really nice one, too). We always really enjoy it, and it's way better than the usual hotel-and-embarassing-amounts-of-booze scenario.

    Michele sent me!

    By Anonymous Two Sirius, at 8:30 AM  

  • We didn't have a scary clown this year. You may remember the stories about last year -- the clown wearing reindeer antlers who harrassed people in line. Our table developed this elaborate clown-avoidance strategy that involved talking in an animated manner so Scary Clown would think we were so intent on our fascinating conversation that we weren't worth harrassing. It worked.

    Oh, also, this year they remembered to bring a ladle for the punch, so people weren't dipping in with their germ-ridden cups.

    By Blogger Ethelred, at 4:35 PM  

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