Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Making light of the season

How many T'ai Chi students does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Just one, but we do it differently at our studio.

Trust me, this is hilarious. Tell it next time you find yourself surrounded by T'ai Chi players and see how right I am.

Holiday notes

Stuck for gift ideas? Let the Heifer Project assist you while you assist people who really need it.

Stuck trying to decide what to get me? See above.

It’s beginning to look a bit like X-Mess around Sensational Acres — no thanks to the weather, which has left the landscape bare and brownish-grey. Well, at least today’s fog covers it up a little. But I’ve been doing my part to brighten the landscape by putting up outdoor lights, something I’ve never done before.

Stretching a few strands along the picket fence out front was easy. So was hanging red bows on fence posts and doors. Assembling the giant bulb lights (like the ones I admired in Phoenix) and planting them beside the driveway was a little tougher. Once I realized I could use a hammer to pound the metal stakes into the ground, then set the bulbs on those steady foundations, things went a lot better. Well, somewhat better. Next year I won’t wait until after dark on the on coldest day of winter to put those badboys up.

This past weekend I decided that with the fence and driveway looking so dapper, the front of the house needed a facelift. Off I went to the hardware store for a few sets of swag lights to hang from the eaves. Swag lights are triple-strand swoops that look sort of like bunting, but instead of stripes of red, white and blue fabric, you get clear lights, clear lights and clear lights. It took some serious muttering during the untangling process and a return trip to the store to replace some nonworking strands, but actually hanging the lights was relatively easy thanks to my handy articulating ladder. They even look OK up there.

Of course, with the house lit up, now the garage and the deck railing look bare. I almost went back for some icicles for the garage, but then realized my ladder isn’t long enough to get me to the peak for hanging. Not comfortably, anyway. But I can reach the deck railing easily enough. Maybe I’ll do something Saturday if it’s warm again.

I’ve got a few decorations deployed indoors as well: star lights, garland, stocking anchors, candy dishes, oven mitts. No tree yet; I’ll get one this weekend, but I might wait until the clan gets here to decorate it. Well, maybe I’ll just string the twinklies. I hate to see a tree without lights. And maybe some Star Trek ornaments. Just a few.

Yes, and I’ll put the Instant Fireplace DVD on, set my iTunes holiday playlist on shuffle and start wrapping gifts. Unfortunately, cutting and taping the pretty paper seems to be the only part of the preparations I can’t geekify — unless Apple is about to release the iWrap, in which case I will be first in line.



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