Wednesday, December 20, 2006

looking a lot like

Mother Media arrived safely at Sensational Acres around 4:00 p.m. yesterday, which means that Christmas has officially begun. Due to some top-secret space-warping technology, she was able to transport the contents of one small drugstore, one medium-sized grocery store, and the entirety of Santa’s workshop in her Buick LeSabre. We have gifts and supplies in abundance, but I don’t think the fire marshal would approve of the narrow path to the door. And I don’t care. It’s Christmas.

How packed was her car? And how high her tech? The passenger seat in Mom’s car contains a sensor that registers the weight of a person riding shotgun, and the car will dingding at the person until he or she fastens the seatbelt. Well, Mom didn’t bring a passenger, but she did place a large cooler full of turkey and taters on the front seat. She had to buckle it in to get the car to stop dinging, so Christmas dinner made the trek very securely.

I’m glad Mom made the drive yesterday, when the weather was cold but clear, because we’re expecting freezing rain and its aftermath for the rest of the week. Tomorrow should be especially interesting. But as long as a certain plane from Phoenix lands intact on Saturday, I’m willing to deal with whatever else may come.

Mother Media has already found and used her first Christmas gift from me. I don’t drink coffee, so I’ve never owned a coffee maker, but Mom has scolded me in the past for not having java available for guests. She’s even gone so far as to bring her own pot on one occasion. (And no, traveling with Mr. Coffee does not entitle you to use the carpool lane.)

Now, however, she need fret no more! Mom has her very own home-away-from-home coffee machine, which will reside at the Acres and come out to greet her whenever she visits. The way she exclaimed when she spotted it squatting there beside the toaster, you’d think I had bought her a pony. Based on this morning’s maiden brewing, it works pretty well.

That’s our official Christmas wake-up. Stay tuned for more news from Sensational Acres as things develop.



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