Monday, December 18, 2006

checking it twice

[x] buy gifts
[x] put up outdoor lights
[x] fill candy dishes
[x] get tree
[x] move furniture to accommodate tree
[x] set up tree
[x] water tree
[x] light tree
[x] straighten tree
[x] decorate house
[x] refill candy dishes
[x] put up more outdoor decorations
[x] wrap gifts
[x] clean house
[x] stock fridge & pantry
[x] remember a couple more people who need gifts
[/] buy gifts for those people
[x] get poinsettias
[x] figure out when Mother Media arrives
[x] figure out when Sister-san & Co. arrive
[x] figure out when other guests arrive
[x] refill candy dishes
[x] really clean house
[x] buy extra TP
[x] find stockings
[x] send/deliver some gifts
[x] resolve to eat less candy
[x] reassure cats that it will all be over soon

Well, it looks like I'm just about ready. The only thing missing is people. Come on down, friends! Nice boys & girls get goodies; naughty ones get put on cat hair patrol. Those burning the yule log at both ends get candy with cat hair clinging to the wrapper and an earful of my a cappella holiday music collection.



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