Thursday, November 30, 2006

floss power!

Factors putting a smile on my face tonight:

  • My cell might finally get reconfigured so that I can work at the computer without putting my back to the door.
  • Lisa took me out for a pitcher and a bitcher last night.
  • Another reason I like Gmail better than Hotmail: I can not only read Gmail on my Treo (and customize the view), I can reply to and send messages. And view my contacts and tags. That's cool.
  • My collector's edition of the complete animated Star Trek series arrived yesterday. WOO! YEAH! I'm just about to go watch the one where Spock travels back in time to save his younger self from death in the desert so his older self can survive to go back and save his younger self. Good geekin' times.
  • It occurred to me that I would like to see Rockapella appear on The Colbert Report. Hot, right? But then I thought of the Kinsey Sicks, and really, that would be better x 10.
  • It's getting single-digit cold here, finally. But the Subarushi has heated seats.
  • I got a clean bill of oral health and excessive compliments from the dentist yesterday morning. I went in with teeth so clean, the picking a scraping took far less time than usual. Floss, kids! It pays off.
  • Ben & Jerry await.



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