Sunday, November 05, 2006

ah, the prestige

Thanks to multiple, noisy malfunctions by the self-scooping cat box, I was up early this morning. Ridiculously early for a weekend. So early that I beat the post-church senior citizen crowd to Perkins, scarfed down a high-impact breakfast instead of brunch, ran some other errands and got my homestead chores done by noon. NOON, people!

Those chores included a final pass over the yard with the mighty mulcher. After a week of temps in the 30s, this weekend has brought high 50s and even some low 60s, so working outside was a pleasure. Such a pleasure, in fact, that I broke a longstanding personal rule and wrote a poem about it.

Ode to Toro
It shreds the leaves
whilst cutting grass.
The mulching mower
saves my ass.


Thank you. Thank you. No, no, you're too kind. Thank you.

And now I'm off to see a matinee of Batman vs. Wolverine, a.k.a. The Prestige. I heard a rumor that Hugh Jackman's abs make a guest appearance. I'm planning to wear my glasses.

After that, who knows?


  • The poem made me weep. Can I publish it on the front cover of Gardening How-Not-To?

    By Blogger Ethelred, at 10:08 AM  

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