Tuesday, October 31, 2006

this scares me

Are you getting many trick-or-treaters tonight? I can't tell whether I have or not. After work, I put a big bowl of candy out on the front step and dashed off to class like I do every Tuesday. When I got home, I found half the candy scattered over the front porch. Apparently some greedy little goblins went rummaging for just the right piece and couldn't be bothered to pick up what they knocked out of the bowl. That really ticks me off.

It's probably the same kids who, when I offered them the bowl last year, took not one or two pieces of candy, but heaping double fistfuls and dove back in for more, and who looked very cranky when their chaperones told them "one" was enough. I wonder where the chaperones were this time.

Oh well. At least my house didn't get egged.



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