Friday, September 22, 2006

the bea(s)t goes on

As I was leaving the T'ai Chi studio building last night, I heard, as I often do, enticing rhythms booming from the Women's Drum Center in the basement. I've been meaning to go down there and check it out for several years now (I know, I know), so last night I finally did. Long story short, they gave me candy and I signed up for Intro to Hand Drumming on Oct. 1.

I've always dug percussion, and in fact have wanted to be a drummer since way back when. My school system started kids in band in 5th grade, and my parents dutifully took me in to register. When asked what instrument I wanted to play, I said, "Drums!" with great certainty and enthusiasm.

"No, honey," the band director said, "the boys are playing the drums. With your lips, why don't you try . . . the flute."

And so it came to pass that I played the flute, and later the oboe, until I graduated from high school. I liked those instruments just fine and loved being in the band, but in the back of my mind I always envied the drummers.

Pisser? Yeah. I was too cowed and ignorant to protest when I was 10. But I'm 37 now, much harder to intimidate, and I'm going to play some rockin' drums! Can't wait!


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