Monday, August 07, 2006

yep, it's Monday

Excellent weekend, letdown Monday.

Late lunch (Chinese buffet) with Pat after Saturday classes. Just us two. And she invited me to a party she’s co-hosting next Saturday.

Cookout at B&G’s Saturday evening. B&G are newish T’ai Chi students I’ve coached off and on since they started. I was flattered to get this invitation, as it included only a few people. Beautiful yard, perfect weather, fine food, interesting conversation. — How interesting? One older woman told the story of how her family fled East Germany in the dead of night 50 or so years ago, and one young man revealed that he has a supporting role in a stage production of Jaws, the Musical.

I completed many chores on Sunday, including mowing the lawn, now that I can do it without risking heat stroke.

While I was enjoying a perfect evening on the deck, G-Doc called me, and we caught up a bit, which was even more perfect.

Then I called Kelly and we finalized dates for my Dragon*Con trip over Labor Day weekend.

Then Mom called and I reported all of this to her, and then she filled me in on all the latest family news.

This morning I made my D*C flight reservations. I’m going to geek Disneyworld!

Quote of the week:
In reference to our classmate Bill, who is about 6’5”/350 lbs, Dr. J said, “'Bill' isn’t short for William, it’s short for Building.”

Sister-san just e-mailed me to report that her husband’s Harley was stolen right out of their driveway yesterday morning. One alert neighbor futilely chased the getaway car (which had no license plates) while another came to wake Sister-san and Chef Jeff. But the bike is gone, with slim hope for recovery. TEH CRAPPAGE!

Partner-san just e-mailed me to report that he’s taking August off from studio activities. Looks like I won’t get another good partner workout until sometime next month.

And I have to work. Woe is me!


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