Monday, August 28, 2006

randomness is all I’ve got

Not much shakin’ right now, so here’s another meal of Kim sum:

  • I’d love to hear Rockapella sing “Nellie the Nudist Queen.” Love to. In fact, I’d love to hear them put out an entire album of bawdy songs. C’mon, you know that’s what they sing to amuse themselves in the van between gigs.
  • Four days til Dragon*Con!
  • This weekend I saw a squirrel fall out of a tree. I didn’t think that was possible, but I witnessed it with mine own eyen. No blood, no foul; the critter scampered right back up the nearest tree trunk.
  • Did you know that “eyen” is an archaic plural for “eye”? It is. I just knew that grad school semester of reading and speaking Middle English would come in handy some day!
  • I trimmed the branches on my crabapple tree so it won’t drop so many fruits on my roof. It’s not fun to hear things smack onto one’s roof and wonder whether they’re, say, aflame.
  • Uber-beatboxer Kid Beyond (Andrew Chaiken) is coming to town. Oct. 22, with Widespread Panic, about which I know nothing. The venue (for which my sister used to work, oddly) doesn’t have the show listed yet, but I’ll call and inquire in a few weeks. Has anyone caught Kid Beyond live? Post-House Jacks, I mean.
  • I didn’t realize Moonlighting ran for 5 seasons. I thought it was 3. Apparently its shark jump at the end of Season 3 (they did it) was so monumental that 4 and 5 were wiped from my consciousness entirely. And I’m okay with that. What I’m not okay with is our current lack of Bruce Willis as a comic romantic lead. Moonlighting was his best work. I never did care much for Cybill Shepherd, though.
  • Know how I keep finding things? Today I found $.58 on top of the TP dispenser in the ladies’ room at work. Didn’t take it, though. I don’t need $.58 bad enough to ignore the fact that it might have been somewhere less sanitary than on atop the TP before I saw it.
  • I like John Grisham’s non-legal (not illegal) stories much, much better than his courtroom dramas. The Firm and The Pelican Brief, and their accompanying movies, prejudiced me against Grisham for years. — Okay, maybe it was Tom Cruise and Julia Roberts, neither of whom I’ve ever worshipped the way the glossies instructed me to. — But I highly recommend A Painted House and The Last Juror. I’ve just begun The Broker on audio in the car. I’ll keep you posted.
  • Looks like Christmas will be at my house again this year. Crowded! With a 2-year-old! And too cold to play outside. But Sister-san’s husband’s brother is getting married on New Year’s Day elsewhere in the state, which makes my place a semi-central location. Oy. Lord, please send me patience and toilet paper. Not necessarily in that order.



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