Wednesday, August 09, 2006

lost & found

While out jogging this morning, I came upon a set of keys someone had lost. House & car keys, a couple keychains with kids' photos on them — no one I recognized from the 'hood — a convenience store "frequent filler" swipe card.

I approached (and badly startled; sorry!) a mature couple on the path ahead of me, but they keys were not theirs.

When I got home, I called the c-store and asked if they could get the owner's name from the swipe card so I could call him/her. They couldn't. Next, I called the nonemergency police line. A pissy dude suggested I take them to the lost & found office at City Hall. Maybe I'll drop by over lunch.

In the meantime, I feel odd with someone else's keys in my purse, and I know how FREAKED I'd be if mine were lost. Any suggestions on tracking down the owner?


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