Wednesday, August 09, 2006

the key is love

Update re: those keys I found this morning.

I brooded about those keys all day. There are two photo keychains hanging off the ring with little kids' school photos inside, plus a fob bearing religious icons. These things meant something to the person who lost them.

After work I stopped by a few houses where I saw neighbors outside. (Including a senior gentleman named Harvey who was sitting on a shabby red 70s-era vinyl-covered chair in his garage, watching TV. He's lived in that house across from the park since 1957 and knows all the people who walk their dogs past there, so he said he'd ask them for me. He offered me a beer, which I declined, but only because I really needed to get home to use the bathroom.) Introduced myself, explained what I'd found, left my phone number.

Finally I had the bright idea to call the customer service number on the back of the frequent filler card, since it's different from the c-store's number. I read the card's numbers to the service rep, who said he'd contact the customer and give him/her my name and phone number. So I'm hopeful about getting a call sometime soon.


  • i hope you get a call soon. like you, i'd be totally and completely freaking out if i'd lost my keys and be SO happy to know somoene had found them.

    i'm here from michele's today

    By Blogger kristen, at 11:58 AM  

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